Web Directory and Directory Submission

A web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web that provides categorized information of web sites. In a web directory, Internet users can find lists of websites organized in various categories and subcategories. Before search engines came into existence, these web directories were used to find information and services. Even after the search engines came into use, web directory provides a huge data base for the search engines to show relevant results

What is Directory Submission in SEO?

Directory submission is the process of adding your website to a web directory. To do this you must submit your website link along with other details in a web directory to the most appropriate category. Directory Submission is one of the oldest link building strategies and the most common approach to build backlinks towards a website. It not only gives you traffic, but also provides good backlinks and helps to increase your website’s page rank.

Impact of Directory Submission on Search Engine Rankings

In the SEO world, directory submission is the basic step to improve link popularity of a website. Submitting links to directories provide the directions to the search engine spiders. The more frequently they see a link the more the chances of getting to your site. The more the number of times a search engine visits your site from external references the more the ranking they will give, considering your website is very important. So, basically Directory submission will help to get targeted visitors and boost your ranking instantly.

General vs Niche Directories

There are two major types of web directories on the internet, general and niche. A general web directory will have it’s resources sorted into a large number of categories covering a wide range of topics. Niche Directories list only specific type of Businesses and Websites. They are also known as Vertical Directories. Niche web directories tend to focus on one subject with resources sorted into a smaller number of highly related categories. Unlike general directories, Niche Directories provide more link value and targeted traffic by listing websites that are specific to a particular topic or industry.


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  1. Larry Says:

    Directory Submission really has a great importance in SEO.

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